In this website, you will see that my experience in the area of adoption is so vast that I have attached separate curriculum vitae. Because, out of my love for children, I am most proud to say that throughout the 80s and 90s, I founded non-profit adoption agencies and have been directly or indirectly involved in the placement of over 2,000 children with permanent, loving stable homes. In doing so, I have represented agencies, thousands of birth mothers and thousands of adoptive families and have developed a network around the country of adoption professionals. Those adoptions have included international adoptions and domestic adoptions of every sort. I have been involved in adoption-related cases and litigation all the way to the Supreme Court and numerous surrogacies and surrogacy-related cases. I am most happy to say that every placement in which I have been involved has worked out successfully. Every single one. I have now founded a company called Safe Adoption, so if you would like to see more, I suggest that you visit that website,, or contact me directly.

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Hi, We’re Jason and Nicole, and we’ve enjoyed the enormous pleasure of securing our adoption with the help of Mr. Albers. Our adoption involved a birth mother in another state with lots of legal complications, including a possible claim by an Indian tribe and questions about the birth father. Mr. Albers assured us that if a baby was handed into our arms, it would be done so properly and legally that there would never be a chance of that baby being returned. He was so reassuring and answered all of our questions and held our hands throughout the process. He made sure that everything was done correctly, and his fees were way more than reasonable, so we have this little guy to show for it. We imagine his knowledge and compassion are unequalled and, of course, we were very happy with his services.