James S. Albers studied international relations at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, in Washington, D.C., from 1970-1972; graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Political Science & Language from MIAMI UNIVERSITY, Oxford, Ohio, in 1974; studied Social Theory, Economics, and International Law at the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LAW in Paris, France, in 1976; and graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI with a Juris Doctorate in January 1977.

Professional Organizations and Affiliations
Professional Experience
Adoption Related Organizations and Affiliations
Adoption Related Experience


Juris Doctorate, January 1977

Studied Social Theory, Economics, and International Law, 1976

MIAMI UNIVERSITY, Oxford, Ohio, 1974
Bachelor of Arts Political Science & Language, June 1974

Studied International Relations, 1970-1972

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Professional Organizations and Affiliations

 Probate Committee Columbus Bar Association, Past Member
 Federal Bar U.S. District Court, Member
 Columbus Bar Association, Member
 American Association of Adoption Attorneys, Member
 Ohio Association of Adoption Attorneys, Member
 See “Adoption Related Organizations and Affiliations” below

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Professional Experience

Attorney, Albers Law Firm, Columbus, Ohio, 1978-Present

As an Attorney at the Law Firm of Albers & Albers in Columbus, Ohio, since 1978, Mr. Albers has accumulated vast experience in multiple types of law practice, in adoption related matters, national class actions, health care and health care related entities, probate and estate planning, real estate, land use planning and the formation and representation of corporations and limited liability companies. Mr. Albers also has extensive trial experience at the Court of Common Pleas, Appellate and Supreme Court levels.


Mr. Albers has 30 years of experience in the formation, management and planning for over 250 business clients and other professional corporations. He helped create and currently serves as general counsel for an emerging medical malpractice insurance entity. He founded numerous adoption agencies in various cities in the United States, set them up to run properly and efficiently and continued as their general counsel for 20 plus years.


Our firm assisted in the founding and creation of Central Ohio Medical Group, one of the first primary care physician organizations in the United States, and served as counsel. Our firm has also represented numerous individual physicians and assisted with various Medicaid and Medicare consultants and Medicaid related entities. We also provide healthcare planning for estate planning clients.

Adoption and Foster Care

See Adoption Related Organizations and Affiliations for more information.  By necessity, all adoption and foster care experience is healthcare related and usually Medicare related.


General counsel, family-owned insurance agency, 1978 through 1998.

Real Estate

Twenty-eight years of real estate practice as counsel, owner and as developer, including hundreds of real estate closings representing sellers and buyers, the purchase and sale individually of miscellaneous commercial properties; numerous rezoning and zoning applications and hearings on behalf of self and clients.

Tort Litigation

Co-counsel in national class actions related to pharmaceuticals, automobiles medical products, medical malpractice and trial experience at the Court of Common Pleas, Appellate and Supreme Court levels, representing injured parties.


Office of the Attorney General, State of Ohio, 1974

Government Entities

I have had great exposure and involvement in every aspect of land use planning and the operation of governmental entities including villages, cities, townships, districts, etc.

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Adoption Related Organizations and Affiliations

Executive Committee Member for National Council For Adoption
Washington, D.C. (1992 through 1995)

General Counsel and Attorney for National Council For Adoption
Washington, D.C. (1992 through 1995)

Member, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
Washington, D.C. (1991 through Present)

National Council For Adoption, Board of Trustees
Trustee, Washington, D.C. (1991 through 1995)

Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics and Standards in Infant Adoption National Council For Adoption
Member, Washington, D.C. (1990 through 1991)

Board of Trustees of Adoptions by Choice, Inc.
Trustee, Tampa, Florida (1989 through 1993)

Child Welfare League of America
Member, New York, NY (1987 through Present)

National Council For Adoption
Member, Washington, D.C. (1987 through Present)

Board of Trustees of Adoption by Choice
Trustee, Charlotte, North Carolina (1993 through 1994)

General Counsel for Numerous Adoption Agencies
Including LDS Social Services, Adoption by Gentle Care (Columbus, Ohio), Adoption of Babies and Children (Kansas City, Kansas), Adoption by Choice (Charlotte, N.C. and Tampa, FL), (1986 through Present)

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Adoption Related Experience

I have represented hundreds of adopting families and birth parents, counseled dozens of attorneys and advised Probate Courts, Attorneys General, Departments of Human Services, state legislators and U.S. Congress on adoption reform and health care legislation.

2005 through 2006      General counsel and board member of non-profit adoption education organization Family Safety Support Services.
1993 through 1994   Quoted in national syndicated news articles and programs regarding parents’ rights.
1991 through Present   Chief Counsel for parties and Amici in Supreme Courts of New Mexico, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Washington, D.C. and Florida adoption cases, including Baby Jessica and Baby Richard.
1993 through Present   Advisor and Board Member of adoption agencies seeking licenses in numerous states.
1991 through Present   Speaker, miscellaneous state and local adoption convention topics: Fathers’ Rights, Rights Of Mother To Revoke Consent, Confidentiality, Avoiding Adoption Litigation.
1990 through Present   Work with Ohio Department of Human Services to implement and interpret the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and to eradicate illegal adoption advertising in Ohio by individuals and out-of-state organizations.
1990 through 1995   Testified to Ohio Legislature regarding pending adoption legislation.
1990 through Present   Guest lectured on Adoption Law at Local School of Law
1987 through Present   Represented numerous litigants in litigation at trial and appellate levels with respect to legality and effect of adoption decrees, legal rights of birth parents, legal rights of adopting families, etc., including DeBoer case, Baby Richard case and over two dozen adoption preservation cases.
1987 through Present   Consulted by Central Ohio radio and television media—news and talk shows—with respect to developments in newsworthy adoption and surrogate matters.
1986 through 1991   Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Adoption by Gentle Care. Gentle Care is an innovative adoption agency which has enjoyed success in Ohio in finding homes for hard-to-place and unwanted children and in providing counseling and community service to needy and undecided parents and infertile families.
1985 through Present   Involved in over 1,000 agency and private adoptions in over 30 states and 8 countries.
1985 through Present   In 6 states helped form non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agencies devoted to assisting expectant parents, children and childless couples.

NOTE: All services performed for national organization above and/or toward enhancement of adoption education throughout the United States have been unpaid, pro-bono efforts.

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